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Tripp and Fall
     Bex is a spunky Texas gal with great friends, great family, and a great job. The only thing that might make it better is a great romance. Unfortunately, her limited experiences have taught her that she gravitates to a certain type and that type is ‘cheater’.  Her track record is so bad she’s ready to throw in the towel on her stalled love life.
When her best friend, who has it all (including a perfect husband), invites her for a week in Miami and tries to set her up with a vacation tryst, she immediately balks at the idea…but when she meets the super sexy man her friend wants to set her up with, she starts to think a tryst might be just what she needs to kick her love life into gear.
He feels drawn to her from the moment he first sees her. Unfortunately, he’s on a mission and that mission doesn’t involve romance – but he might make an exception for Bex.
Just when they start to come together, secrets threaten to tear them apart. Will she be able to overlook his omissions and let him into her heart? And if she can, will he be able to keep her safe there?  
This is the stand-alone story of Bex and the man who steals her heart.
Gaining some…
A bad situation made worse…and worse…and worse yet.
Keeping your…
Emma “Belle” Bell was in trouble and she was desperate but when her best friend trusted her safety to the one person she vowed to hate, she finds that the line between hate and everything else can sometimes be very, very thin.
Grayson Martin let her down years ago and now he was paying for it. The war between knowing what she needed and being what she needed were ripping him apart and she was caught in the backlash.
Closing the...
What will happen to their shaky truce when she no longer needs his help? She claimed that he destroyed her. How would she react if she knew she wielded the same power over him? Will they ever find their way to…
Going the…. Distance.
This is the stand-alone story of Belle and the man who ripped out her heart and stomped on it. 

Short Stories

  After reading an excerpt from Tripp and Fall

Piya Campana, Senior Editor, Harlequin Super Romance, had this to say:    
The author’s voice is entertaining—her sense of humour shows through in her work. 

Texas Twist Series

A series about some oddball Texans and the bizarre situations they manage to stumble into.

Books are intended for mature audiences.